Return Policy

  • FYSI's return policy is to receive back every product within 15 calendar days of its delivery (as evidenced by the courier document or any carrier used).
  • Before returning, you must contact us (via the Site Contact form, e-mail, fax or telephone), and consent to the return you wish to make. In all other cases FYSH reserves the right to refuse to accept your return.
  • Additionally, you must include the receipt (or invoice) sent to you with the package you received from FYSH so that the return process can be completed successfully (otherwise, if you do not have the relevant document, you cannot return products).
  • FYSH accepts responsibility for shipping incorrect, damaged or generally defective product. In this case, the replacement will be free of charge for return and shipping costs. Refunds are accepted only if the product is not available. A prerequisite is to use the shipping / courier service suggested by our company in the return of the product.
  • To safeguard your return rights, we recommend that you use a postal, courier or shipping service to record the shipment status, as we cannot take responsibility if the returned product does not reach our offices (and therefore does not can be replaced or refunded). The customer always has the responsibility of shipping the product, as as the recipient of FYSH, it is not possible to search your package in any postal / shipping.
  • Your request for replacement or refund, please send it either in writing on your package or by e-mail as it is possible to call us at 2315006500 (+30 prefix for external calls) and let us know if you would like to replace a product or let us know about any complaints about our products and services.
  • For the return of an incorrect, undamaged or generally defective product, the Customer shall bear the costs of both shipping and return.
  • Before returning an incorrect, undamaged or generally defective product, please check that the essential requirements of the FYSH return policy are met:
    • The product is in a condition that can be resold (with manufacturer's tags, without wear, dirt, use, etc.)
    • The product has not been "personalized" (no name and / or number printed, no tags placed, etc.)
    • The product was not on offer at the time of purchase.
    • You have the receipt (or invoice) to provide with the return.
  • If the product meets the above criteria, you can send it back to us for replacement with another from our catalog or issue a credit note for your subsequent purchases. Refunds are not accepted.
  • In case of a refund due to replacement, you can choose from our entire range of products.
  • The return address is:
    Vlali 1 - Kapani ΤΚ 54624
    Thessaloniki, Greece

Orders not delivered

If an order has not been delivered due to the recipient's fault, the value of the product may be refunded as soon as the package is returned to FYSH.
Shipping costs and return costs cannot be refunded.
It is also not possible to refund for a product that has been personalized in any way (eg if printed with a name).
The above relates to credit / debit card payments or prepaid through a bank.