Goji Berry Oil 30ml

Goji Berry Oil 30ml


According to Far Eastern legends, goji berries were discovered by Buddhist monks hundreds of years ago in the mountains of Tibet. The monks were initially impressed by their pleasant taste and red color and added them to their diet. After a while, to their great surprise, they noticed that the monks who ate these fruits lived longer and became less ill. The beneficial effects of goji on human health have long been known in the West. In recent years, however, modern scientific research has come to the conclusion that this fruit is one of the so-called super foods.

The effects of goji berry on the human body are multiple. It enhances the production of growth hormone, which normally decreases with age (eg the body of a twenty-year-old produces ten times more growth hormone than a seventy-year-old). This is due to the high content of potassium and amino acids in the fruit - l-glutamine and L-arginine. The above enhances the function of the pituitary gland, which controls the production of growth hormone. This slows down the aging process of the tissues, which is evident even on the skin. In addition to the production of growth hormone, it also enhances the production of testosterone. Increases the body's energy levels and stimulates sexuality.